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      1. What is a frameless balcony? What are its advantages and characteristics?
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        We can enjoy the sunshine, grow flowers and grass, and even exercise. But the most important thing to pay attention to is the safety. In modern home decoration, more and more consumers begin to focus on the decoration of the balcony, because the balcony is one of the connections between the home and the outside world.

        Now, many people don't seal their balconies. It's popular to decorate frameless balconies. The effect of decoration is comparable to that of sunshine room.~

        What is a frameless balcony?

        The frameless balcony window is made of high-strength tempered glass, and the corresponding hardware fittings are made of large section aluminum alloy structure. Due to different brands, materials, dimensions and other factors, the price of the frameless balcony window is also different. Its design can not only make each window move left and right, but also can be opened 90 degrees. The most important thing is that it can be fully opened or completely closed according to personal preferences, which is very versatile.

        It also retains the characteristics and functions of the balcony itself, which can effectively prevent wind and rain, cut off dust and noise, and has a reasonable structure so that the windows can be opened inward, and there is no need to have a headache for cleaning the glass, so the cleaning is very safe and simple.

        But frameless windowsills also have disadvantages:

        Each piece of glass can only be opened through the designated process port; and before opening the middle window sash, the previous piece of glass must be opened. It is a non-linear installation is more difficult, high cost.

        Suitable for balcony: 1-shaped, L-shaped, arc-shaped, special-shaped, all kinds of shapes are covered.

        So, why are so many people chasing frameless glass? What are the benefits of it?

        The frameless glass window is very flexible when it is used. It can move left and right, and can be opened 90 degrees and arranged block by block. The whole balcony window can be fully opened or closed according to the needs of users, fully retaining the characteristics and functions of the balcony.

        The frameless balcony window has eight features:

        1. The frameless balcony window is made of aluminum profiles, all of which are made of 6063t5 international general door and window profiles, with light weight, high strength and strong impact resistance.

        2. The axis of accessories for frameless windows is made of 304 stainless steel, which enhances the supporting force on the glass, and can bear 2.6m high and 1.0m wide floor glass. (ordinary frameless balcony window can only bear floor glass with height of 2.2m and width of 0.5m)

        3. The pulley of frameless balcony window is made of carbon steel bearing and POM, with high hardness, friction resistance and aging resistance. It can withstand hundreds of thousands of back and forth push and pull.

        4. Each piece of glass is stressed by four wheels, with three layers of main wheel and two layers of secondary wheel. No approach bridge, even if the stress pulley through how many beam mouth will not appear jumping. Very smooth.

        5. It adopts the unique design of built-in anti-collision rubber strip on the upper and lower beams, which solves the problem of noise reduction to a greater extent. The anti-collision rubber strip is made of EPDM, which has a weatherability of up to 20 years.

        6. Special heaven and earth lock design, one hand can complete the switch, easy to operate, long-term and durable.

        7. Three in one adjustable double-sided stress clamp, convenient for adjustment, suitable for 6-10 mm thick glass. The glass can be stressed on both sides, which is firm and durable.

        8. The hidden rivet design adds a plastic safety envelope with clip edge, which is beautiful and luxurious in appearance.

        How to buy frameless balcony window?

        1. Look at aluminum: first of all, it depends on whether its aluminum is high-strength aluminum alloy.

        2. Look at the glass: next, see whether the glass has special toughened glass that has passed the national compulsory 3C safety certification.

        3. Rivets: Frameless balcony window is mainly composed of glass and aluminum alloy, while glass and aluminum alloy are connected by rivets.

        4. Workmanship and accessories: it also depends on whether the gap between profiles and accessories is compact, and whether the sliding is smooth or not. The smooth sliding is related to the lubricity and wear resistance of wheels. It also depends on whether there is large noise when the window sash slides and whether it is easy to push and pull.

        5. Design, installation and after-sale: Frameless windowsill has a high cost and good quality, but frameless balcony window is also a product to be maintained, so the manufacturer's after-sale guarantee is particularly important.

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