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      1. Advantage

        United and win-win,High reputation

        All around terminal solution, sailing without worry

        • Free sample loading

        • Free decoration

        • Event planning

        • No need of technology

        • Controllable cost

        • Market support

        Brand advantage

        YALNJ Doors and Windows provides a complete brand image system support such as brand, VI image and store SI decoration manual. YALNJ provides franchisees with unified VI, store design, decoration standards and terminal image; and provides a certain amount of publicity materials, product documents and technical documents to franchisees without charge.

        It adopts Guangdong Zhonglian aluminum profiles. Zhonglian Aluminum has awarded the "Top 10 Key Enterprises in National Aluminum Alloy Profile Demonstration Zone", "Guangdong Famous Brand" and "Guangdong Famous Brand Product". The quality requirements of aluminum alloy composition, wall thickness, geometric size and surface treatment are guarantee.

        Large-scale production base and advanced equipment

        Strategically cooperate with Zhonglian Aluminum with 100,000 square meters of modern garden-style workshop.

        The use of advanced equipment is the guarantee to provide quality products to the society. Sincerity and trustworthiness are the foundation of modern civilization. With strict quality assurance system and perfect after-sales service, YALNJ has earned high popularity from customers. Exerting the advantages of reliable quality and sincere business, YALNJ Doors and Windows has taken the road of brand development.

        R&D advantage

        The company boasts strong technical strength and top talents in the industry, and provides comprehensive technical support for franchisees.

        The company is constantly developing new products and launches the products suitable for modern home concepts.

        Award a number of qualifications and honors

        As the Director Unit of the Door Industry Association of Guangdong Province, after sustainable development, YALNJ Doors and Windows have won a variety of awards and earned high recognition from partners in the industry.

        ① Brand support: National well-known door and window brand, mature operation mode, only need to copy successfully.

        ② Decoration support: National unified SI standard, professional design + high decoration cost subsidy support.

        ③ Sample support: According to the store situation, 100% sample return support is available.

        ④ Training support: Provide complete training documents, and regularly hold professional trainings such as shopping guides, store manager, store operation and so on.

        ⑤ Support for opening: Provide a full set of opening plans to help the new store quickly attract customers and develop the market.

        ⑥ Regional protection: Specify the brand regional protection system and protect the legitimate rights and interests of the partners.

        ⑦ Planning support: Professional planning team provides planning for single-store promotions, alliance activities, media activities and so on. YALNJ makes the unified event gifts to fully support the terminal activities.

        ⑧ Advertising support: Provide standard VI advertising design for national wide distributors and provide advertising promotion support.


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